Revoicer vs Speechify: What Is Best In 2024

In this blog post, we will compare two text-to-speech tools revoicer and Speechify based upon

  1. Voice Quality
  2. Features
  3. Price

What is Revoicer Exactly?

Revoicer is a cloud-based text-to-speech platform. It claims it is the first emotional text-to-speech software. You are getting certain voices with multiple speaking styles such as Angry, cheerful, fearful, sad, and more. Revoicer recently launched voice clone technology as well.

It lets you generate a simple voiceover by typing text. Revoicer does not offer a free plan or trial. Revoicer is available on subscription however they are running a lifetime deal as well.

Here are the voice samples.

What is Speechify Exactly?

Speechify offers multiple products. There is a text reader which can read any text, documents, etc. It can boost your productivity.

This text reader is available as a mobile app (both Android and IOS), a Chrome extension, and a web app.

The second product is a cloud-based solution. You are not only getting text to speech instead you are getting a basic video editor. Inside this, you are also getting AI avatars, transcription, and voice clones.

You can try it for free however you can’t export anything. In this comparison, I will compare Speechify Studio with Revoicer.

Voice Quality

Revoicer is using Azure Voices. It cost them $15 for a million characters. Here at crikk, we are offering these voices for free. Crikk is truly unlimited and no sign-up is required, here is our free tool.

Overall, these voices sound quite natural and perfect for replacing recording. Revoicer is offering speaking styles (Angry, cheerful, fearful, sad, shouting, etc)

These speaking styles are not available for all voices. It is available in some English (USA) and Chinese (Simplified) languages.

Some voices from French and Japanese have voice styles that are quite limited.

Some voice styles such as whisper don’t work properly for some voices. Sometimes it sounds like a completely different person.

Here are the voice samples that I have generated using Revoicer.

Speechify is also using the same voices and voices from other cloud providers as well.

Speechify also provides speaking styles. Here are the voice samples from Speechify.

Other voices available don’t sound better than these voices. So you can consider it speechify the highest quality.

Speechify mobile app voice quality isn’t good compared to their web studio.


Revoicer has a very simple dashboard as you can see in the screenshot. You can customize volume, and speaking rate, add a pause, and change speaking style (if available).

Effects (Volume, speaking style) will be applied to the whole script. You are also getting the merge feature as well.

Revoicer dashboard

You can apply background music to generate voiceover as well. Revoicer doesn’t provide any tutorial however it is straightforward to use.

On the other hand, Speechify is more advanced than Revoicer. You can create pretty basic videos using Speechify.

Speechify gives you more customization while creating voiceover as well. You can create multiple blocks as you can see in the screenshot.

Each block can be the specific voice, and specific effects such as speaking rate, style, etc.

Speechify dashboard

Thus you can create complicated dialogue voiceover in one shot. Speechify also provides a Voice clone feature and the revoicer recently launched.

It can clone your voice with 20 seconds of audio. However quality is not good enough, it sounds robotic.

Speechify also launched AI avatar that can speak anything on your behalf.



On the home page, Revoicer is showing multiple plans starting at $37/month. However, Revoicer is promoting lifetime deals through social media.

This is a common promotional strategy where the company promises they will soon end this lifetime offer but in reality, they continue even after years.

Speechify is promoting a Standard plan lifetime deal at a $67 one-time price. However, the voices of the standard plan sound robotic. So it is worth to upgrade on the pro plan.

Pro plan will cost you $127/annually which is approximately $10/month. You get 60 day money-back guarantee in Revoicer.

Revoicer doesn’t provide a free trial or plan. Here are the features of both plans.

Revoicer knows a large number of users won’t use 600k Characters every month or 1 million characters a month.

Revoicer will be shut down if every user hits this limit each month. It costs them $15 for a million characters.

A large number of users don’t hit the given limit, this is how companies can sell software lifetime deals.

On the other side, Speechify doesn’t provide money-back guarantee however you can try all of their features for free.

The only limit in the free plan is you can’t export anything. Here are speechify plans.

Speechify is trying to push customers toward their annual plan offering 59% discount.

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