Free English Text to Speech Online 2024 (Unlimited)

Use our free English text to speech platform to transform your English text into a realistic voice.

Voice Samples


How To Generate text to speech in English


Type or Paste your text. Crikk can only put 1000 characters into voiceover at once.


Choose the voiceover, you can listen to default samples to choose the perfect voiceover.


Click on the Generate button. It will transform your text into voiceover in a few seconds.

Unlock the Magic of Voice with Crikk

With Crikk, turn text into talk. Bring your books, documents, and images to life. Simple, fast, and tailored for you. Experience reading, reimagined.

Transform Anything into Voice

Transform your physical books, PDF or images into a natural sounding voices in seconds that you can listen for hours.

Text Reader to increase your retention

In Crikk, sentences and words are highlighted as it reads, making it convenient for users to follow along while listening. So you can memorise more.

Unlock All voices

Get the most natural sounding voices. It is like somebody else is reading for you. Our Pro voices even support voice styles.

Longer Voiceovers

Transform up to 12k characters into voiceover in single click. Moreover you can merge multiple files for even longer content.

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Frequently ask questions

The output format is mp3.
Our Text-to-speech technology works in 74 languages.
Yes you can use generated files for commercial purposes.
Yes both male and female voices are available for all languages.