7 Best Speechelo Alternative In 2024 (Free & Unlimted)

Speechelo is a well-known AI text to speech software. In this blog post, I will share the best speechelo alternatives. These AI voiceover tools are selected based upon

  • voice quality
  • features
  • Price

Some of these AI voiceovers are free and unlimited.

Crikk Free & Unlimited

Crikk is the best speechelo alternative. It is offering Voice generation for free without any registration. So stop looking for the speechelo crack version because Crikk offers better voices for free.

Crikk has two plans: Free and Pro. The free plan has natural-sounding voices in 70+ languages such as English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, etc.

Here are the voice samples from Crikk and speechelo for comparison.



You can visit crikk.com/text-to-speech/ to generate unlimited voices.

Crikk Free and unlimted tts

Pro users would get 18 multilingual voices that can speak 91 languages. These voices sound better than free voices.

Here are the free and pro-voice sample comparisons.

Free Version Voice samples

Crikk Pro Voice samples



Here are our current pricing plans


  • Free and unlimited
  • Better sounding voices
  • More voices


  • No storage for free voices

Crikk Pro free trial is also available you would get 1000 characters.

AWS: Speechelo API

Speechelo is using AWS Polly API for voice generation. AWS is the perfect choice if you are looking for Speechelo API or API-based tts.

AWS Polly is available on the pay-as-you-go model.

AWS is offering two kinds of voices standard and natural sounding. Standard voices cost just $4 for 1 million characters while Natural sounding voices cost $16 for 1 million characters. AWS is also offering discounts for large volumes.

AWS free trial is offering 5 million characters for 12 months. Basically, you can get Speechelo all voices (Including the Pro plan) for absolutely free.

AWS is also offering Studio for nondevelopers if your end goal is just to create voiceover. You need to register for a free trial (it requires a credit card).


Free TrialPay as you go
5 million characters free per month for 1 year$16 for 1 Million Characters


  • Cheaper
  • Same Speechelo Voices
  • Free trial


  • Require Development experience
  • No Voice updates from the last 2 years
  • No Lifetime deal & Never will be

Wellsaid Labs

Wellsaid Labs is another strong Speechelo alternative. It offers Fresh voices that you would not get in other text-to-speech tools.

Wellsaid Labs is also offering a Free trial for 7 days. Its dashboard is also better than Speechelo with more customizations.

Wellsaid labs

Wellsaid offers unique voice styles such as Promo, Narration, and Conversational. Currently, it has more than 50 Voice avatars.

It is also offering Voice clone and API.

Currently, Wellsaib labs support only the English language unlike speechelo which lets you voiceover in multiple languages. Here is the wellsaid lab’s voice sample


Wellsaid Labs Price is based upon the number of downloads. You can convert up to 5000 chars into voiceover. Here are their current pricing plans.

Wellsaid labs is providing free trial for 1 week. Here are the paid plans.

Maker $49/monthCreative $99/monthBusiness $199/month
250 downloads750 downloads750 downloads
24 Voice Avatars53 Voice Avatars53 Voice Avatars
5,000 chars/clip5,000 chars/clip5,000 chars/clip
Unlimited retakesUnlimited retakesUnlimited retakes
Live Chat Dedicated Support
Collaboration workspace


  • More natural-sounding voices
  • Better Customization (pronunciation, etc)
  • 50+ Voice Avatars for the English language only


  • English language voiceover only
  • Expensive

Lovo AI

Lovo AI is another strong speechelo alternative for generating text-to-speech voices. It is just more than tts tool it is offering including voice cloning, video editing, and auto-subtitle generation. It offers a wide range of unique voices and supports multiple languages.

Lovo AI: Speechelo alternative


  • Voice cloning and TTS capabilities.
  • Auto-subtitle generator and video editor.
  • Over 500 AI voices in 100+ languages.
  • Multilingual voices are available.
  • Free trial available.

Pricing and Details:

  • Basic Plan: $29/month or $288/year, 2 hours of voice generation/month, 500+ AI voices.
  • Pro Plan: $48/month or $348/year, 5 hours of voice generation/month, auto-subtitles for 180 minutes/month.
  • Pro+ Plan: $149/month or $900/year, 20 hours of voice generation/month, auto-subtitles for 3000 minutes/month.


  • All-in-one platform with TTS, video editing, and subtitle generation.
  • Large number of voices and languages.
  • Free trial available.


  • Some voices can sound robotic.
  • Expensive plans compared to other platforms.

Murf AI

Murf ai also a cloud-based studio for voice generation. Murf AI is also offering a lot of features just like Lovo.

Murf AI lets you add multiple blocks while creating a voiceover. You can add multiple speakers, or customize (speed, volume, pitch) for these blocks. Thus you can create a professional-level voiceover.

Speechelo lets you add background music only while Murf lets you create whole videos inside their platform

Mur AI voices also sound better than Speechelo and it is offering voice clone service as well. Some of Murf AI voices are available for free inside Crikk tool.

While Crikk is offering them for free Murf is charging a monthly subscription. It has its own unique voices as well that you would not find on any other platform


FreeCreator – $29/monthBusiness – $99/month
2 Projects5 Projects 50 projects
10 minutes of voice generation2 hrs/Month of Voice Generation8 hrs/Month of Voice Generation
All 200+ Voices, Styles & TonalitiesEverything in Creator Plan
Unlimited downloads AI Voice Changer
Canva integration 4 hours of transcription


  • Complete Video Editor
  • Customization over voiceover
  • Better sounding voices


  1. More expensive Still limited amount of voice generation
  2. Voice Quality better speechelo but still not top-notch


Revoicer is another AI voiceover that is offering a Lifetime deal. Its pricing structure is similar to the speechelo however It sounds much more than the speechelo.

It offers voice styles for certain voices basically you can create voiceover angry, fearful, sad, cheerful, and shouting styles. It is mostly available for English (USA) voices


Revoicer also offering voice clone however it is not part of their lifetime deal. It would cost you $17/month.

Crikk is offering 90% of Revoicer voices inside their free. The only limitation is you won’t get voice styles.

Voice sample


Revoicer is offering a Lifetime deal for $67 however you would not get all voices. It’s best voices are part of its pro plan. The pro plan would cost you $127 annually.

  • Front-End “Lifetime” Offer ($67): This plan promises lifetime access, but it comes with important caveats. You’ll be limited to a smaller selection of voices, and those available often sound noticeably robotic. Additionally, there will likely be restrictions on usage and future updates.
  • Pro Plan ($127 annually): To access a larger library of more natural-sounding voices and features. This translates to roughly $10 per month.


  • Better voices
  • Better dashboard
  • Voice Clone


  • More expensive

Natural Readers

Natural Reader is one of the oldest text-to-speech websites. Natural readers available as a cloud-based solution along with a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users.

Natural readers have multilingual voices basically these voices can speak multiple languages. You can try their free trial. Its voices sound better than Speechelo voices.

Naturalreaders is also offering Blocks basically you can customize each block (another voiceover, custom speed, pitch, etc)

You won’t be able to export results in the free plan.

Its mobile would let you read any content such as PDFs, images, etc. Basically, you can enhance your productivity.


Monthly Plan – $99/monthYearly Plan – $588/year
225 AI voices in 40+ languages225 AI voices in 40+ languages
Multilingual Voice Cloning (5)Multilingual Voice Cloning (5)
Pronunciation Editor (Limited Voices)Pronunciation Editor (Limited Voices)
ChatGPT-powered AI Script AssistantChatGPT-powered AI Script Assistant
300,000 characters/month (Super natural voices)300,000 characters/month (Supernatural voices)
AI Voices 6,000,000 characters/monthAI Voices 6,000,000 characters/month

Natural readers is also offering a 50% discount for Small business owners on the yearly plan. Here are the conditions

  1. Should have less than 20 employees
  2. Only available for the first year


  • More natural-sounding voices
  • More Controls While Creating Voiceover
  • Mobile app available


  • Expensive

Speechelo Limitations

Speechelo is well known AI voiceover however there are many limitations that makes its alternative much better. Here are the speechelo main limitations

  1. Robotic Voices: Speechelo’s voices sound robotic. No doubt, No AI voices sound like natural voices however you can’t listen to speechelo voices for hours. On other platforms, voices sound more natural and can be listened for hours.
  2. Average User experience: Speechelo dashboard is quite basic. Here is the screenshot
  3. Low bit rate (48 kbps): The Speechelo voices operate at a bit rate of 48 kbps. This is relatively low and may result in noticeable distortion when the audio is played through large speakers.
  4. Hidden Price: Speechelo is offering a limited voice in their frontend $27 deal. You would get only 30 voices, however. More voices are available in the Pro which would cost you an additional $127 one-time fee.

Final Words

Speechelo alternatives are offering more features at better prices. Crikk is offering more natural-sounding voices for free

Murf and Lovo are offering tts with complete studio so you can make videos quite easily.

Wellsaid Labs and Natural Readers are offering the highest quality voices. However, the perfect alternative depends upon your specific requirements.

Overall Crikk stands out due to free and unlimited voice generation. There is no other text-to-speech tool that is offering unlimited voices for free.

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