Revoicer Alternative Free For Converting Text Into Speech

Revoicer is a very popular text-to-speech software. It claims it is the first text-to-speech software with emotions.

In this blog post, I will provide Revoicer’s alternative that provides similar voice quality or better.

Revoicer Price & Limitations

Revoicer adopts a somewhat complex pricing structure that might initially seem appealing but can become expensive for regular use. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Front-End “Lifetime” Offer ($67): This plan promises lifetime access, but it comes with important caveats. You’ll be limited to a smaller selection of voices, and those available often sound noticeably robotic. Additionally, there will likely be restrictions on usage and future updates.
  • Pro Plan ($127 annually): To access a larger library of more natural-sounding voices and features. This translates to roughly $10 per month.

Limitations to Consider

  • Robotic Voices in the Entry Plan: If you desire realistic, human-quality voices, you’ll almost certainly need to upgrade to the Pro Plan.
  • Hidden Costs: While advertised as a “lifetime” option, the front-end plan might not include all future updates or support, leading to potential additional costs down the line.
  • Limited Character Counts: Revoicer might have restrictions on how many characters you can convert into voiceovers each month, even on the Pro Plan. Exceeding these limits could incur extra fees.

Best Revoicer Alternative

Free Plan NoYes
(Unlimited TTS)
(250k Characters)
(limited chars*)
(Unlimited TTS)
Voices Quality Natural Sounding Voices Same as Revoicer + Unique Voices Unique Voices Same as Revoicer + Unique Voices Robotic Voices
Sign Up Required Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
Paid Plan$67 (One-time Pament)
$20/month$49/Month$5/month$67 (One-time Payment)

1. Crikk

Crikk is the best alternative to Revoicer. It provides all Revoicer voices for free. Not only free, we are providing unlimited characters.

No sign-up is required. Here are the voiceover samples.

You can access the free tool here.

Crikk: Unlimited Text to speech tool

Crikk is available in 74 languages and offers 300+ voices. We are truly offering unlimited access.

Our Paid plan currently costs $20/month. You will get 6 unique voices. These voices can speak any language. Here are the voice samples.

2. Unrealspeech

Unrealspeech is a newly launched text-to-speech tool. It is offering 250k characters for free. However, paid plans are starting at $49/month.

Unrealspeech: Revoicer Alternative

You will get 3 Million characters in $49. Unrealspeech is ideal for those who are looking for API. Unrealspeech is offering new voices however they don’t sound as natural as Crikk Pro voices.

UnrealSpeech is also offering 6 unique voices. These voices can work only in the English language. Unrealspeech claims they will provide voice clones and text-to-speech in other voices as well.

Here are the voice samples of Unrealspeech

Unrealspeech is also providing API. Its API is more affordable than AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Unrealspeech can be a better alternative if you are looking for unique voices however they are costly compared to Revoicer.

3. Voicemaker

Voicemaker is a very old text-to-speech that often keeps updating its voices and dashboard. Voicemaker’s free plan is good enough. You will get all voices for free however they are good enough.

Voicemaker has all the voices that revoicer is offering along with speaking style (cheerful, sad, angry, fearful, whisper, etc)

Voicemaker dashboard

Voicemaker’s paid plans start at $5/month. You will get 200k Characters/month in this plan. They are not offering any lifetime deal. It is an ongoing subscription.

You can also clone your voice however it would cost you additional money. Voicemaker API would cost you $25 for a million characters.

Voicemaker is offering own unique voices as well. However, these voices sound somewhat robotic. Here are the samples.

Overall, the Voicemaker dashboard is also better than the revoicer. You are also getting a Pronunciation editor. Basically, you can edit the Pronunciation of specific words if you think AI is not making it correct.

4. Elevenlabs

ElevenLabs is the most popular text-to-speech tool. Its voices are very popular in social media.

Elevenlabs has text-to-speech quality and exceptional voices as well. The best part about Elevenlabs is you can use it for free without even registration.

All voices from the eleven labs can speak multiple languages. You are also getting a Voice clone and speech-to-speech model.

At the core of ElevenLabs is its exceptional voice cloning technology. Users can produce a computerized voice that mimics any human voice with unbelievable accuracy. The rest of the TTS engine also impresses – adaptive models ensure speech flows naturally with proper intonation and emotion.

Here are Elevenlab’s voice samples.

Even though Eleven labs is free to try. However, you are quite limited. Their paid plans are quite expensive compared to other text-to-speech platforms.

Eleven labs recently launched Dub Studio. It transcribes, clones your voice, and then generates voice. You can try it for free. However, paid plans offer a complete studio with more controls.

5. Notevibes

Notevibes is a text-to-speech tool offering a range of voices and features suitable for both personal and commercial use. Their Personal Pack starts at $19/month, providing access to 225+ voices in 25 languages, suitable for private use, with a 200,000 character limit per month​​.

For commercial purposes, the Commercial Pack at $99/month increases the capacity to 1,000,000 characters per month, includes an advanced voice editor, and allows audio file redistribution​​.

Here are the voice samples.

Yearly billing offers savings with the Personal Pack at $96/year for 1,200,000 characters and the Commercial Pack at $1080/year for 12,000,000 characters​​.

For larger businesses, the Corporate Pack offers unlimited characters and team licenses for up to 10 users, ensuring scalability and support for extensive requirements​​. Additionally, there’s a Pay as you go option for extra characters needed on a project basis​

6. Micmonster

MicMonster is another free text-to-speech website. Micmonter is providing all revoicer voices However you are not getting voice styles.

its dashboard is very similar to the Crikk. You can access all voices as a guest user. You are quite limited by the number of voiceovers you can create. You can only paste a maximum of 300 characters. The number of voiceovers are also limited.

Once you hit that limit you will see a popup like this.

Micmonster limit.

However, you can bypass this limit. Open the incognito window and create a voiceover there. MicMonster track free users by cookies that are easier to bypass through cookies.

Micmonster’s paid plan starts at $39/quarter or $59 annually.

7. Speech Actors

Speech Actors is another text-to-speech website. You are getting all revoicer voices in speech actors. Speech actors is also providing you with voice styles as well.

Speech actors

However, it is not unlimited in the free plan. They are providing l an unlimited number of characters for free. Speech actors let you generate voiceover for free just like crikk.

Speechactors only allow 300 characters per voiceover.

Speech is available on an ongoing monthly subscription there is no lifetime deal. Speechactors is providing unlimited tts at $19/month. Overall, speech actors provide a better dashboard for paid users.

You can create a voiceover with multiple characters in a single shot. You can also control volume, speed, and pitch for specific words.

You can put emphasis on specific words as well. Revoicer doesn’t have these features for paid users.

Final Words

When exploring free alternatives to paid tools like Revoicer, the good news is there are quality options available that come remarkably close in critical areas like natural voice quality, variety of voices, and ease of use.

The solutions highlighted in this post provide accessible interfaces that allow users to quickly convert text into realistic, understandable speech. While the free tools lack some of the advanced customization of Revoicer, their core TTS functionality impresses for uses like transcription, audiobooks, and accessibility applications.

Each text-to-speech alternative covered has unique strengths to consider when selecting the right tool for your needs. Crikk and Voicemaker offer expansive free voice libraries, while advanced solutions like ElevenLabs and UnrealSpeech push the boundaries of voice quality through AI.

The paid alternatives also present immense value compared to Revoicer, leveraging innovations like deep learning to achieve human-like synthesis often at a fraction of the cost. Don’t assume you need an expensive tool to get premium voice generation.

While no free tool fully replicates Revoicer’s capabilities, the gap has closed thanks to technologies like machine learning. The free and affordable alternatives highlighted indicate that top-notch text-to-speech is accessible to users at any budget level. Give them a try to experience quality on par with costly solutions.

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