Free Listnr Alternatives For Generating Voiceovers

Listnr is one of the well-known text-to-speech products. In this blog post, I will provide the best listnr alternatives.

Here are the main limitations of listnr that make its alternative products more suitable.

  1. Expensive
  2. No Unique voices
  3. Limited free plan

Best Listnr Alternative for Voiceover

These are best platforms if you are specific use case is to convert text into voiceover

Crikk – Free & Unlimited Listnr Alternative

Crikk is a very famous text-to-speech tool. It is free and unlimited and no registration is required. Crikk is offering 300+ voices for free in 70+ languages such as English, Chinese, French, Arabic, German, Hindi etc.

You can get all free voices here. Most of Listnr’s paid voices are available for free inside Crikk.

Crikk free tts

Crikk’s pro plan is to offer 18 multilingual, supernatural voices. In other words, these AI voices can speak multiple languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and much more.

Here are both free and pro version voice samples.

Free Version Voice samples

Crikk Pro Voice samples


You can access Crikk Pro Voices free trial without a credit card.


Here are our current pricing plans


Revoicer is another cloud-based text-to-speech platform. It offers voices that are very similar to the Crikk free plan and Listnr.

Revoicer is also offering voice styles for certain voices for example few English (USA), and Chinese Simplified voices.

Revoicer dashboard

Revoicer is also offering voice clone as a paid add-on. Here are voice samples.

Pricing information

Revoicer pricing information is quite complicated. First, they have a Lifetime deal that would cost you $67. You would get limited voices inside this plan. Most of the voices sound robotic

After that, they have an end offer that would cost you $17/month here you are getting all voices including voice clone.


  • Lifetime deal option.
  • Variety of voice styles.


  • Limited voices in the lifetime deal.
  • Access to all voices requires a monthly subscription.
  • No free plan

Murf Studio

Murf ai is well known text-to-speech tool. Murf is offering you complete studio not just text to speech too.

You can create videos while creating AI voiceover. Murf ai also offers more customization options than Listnr.

Since murf is offering a lot of controls it can be challenging to use for beginners. Murf ai also one of the most expensive text-to-speech tools.

Most of the Murf AI voices are available inside the Crikk free version. Murf ai is also offering some unique voices that aren’t available inside any other platform. Here are the voice samples.

Pricing information

  • Free
  • Basic $29/month
  • Pro $39/month


  • 10 minutes of voice generation
  • No export
  • Access to All voices


  • 2 hours of Voice generation/per month
  • 10 languages
  • 60 voices


  • 4 hours of voice generation/month
  • 20 Languages + Accent
  • 120 voices


Voicemaker is another free tts tool. Voicemaker has a massive number of AI voices. Recently they started offering their unique voices as well.

Voicemaker lets you create voiceover without registration however you will be limited by the number of voices and and characters.

It also offers speaking styles (sad, angry, cheerful, etc) similar to the revoicer. Voicemaker multilingual voices cost 10x more than normal voices. It is known as Pro+ voices. These voices sound more natural and can speak multiple languages well.

Here are the voice samples.


FreeBasic – $5/monthPremium – $10/monthBusiness – $20/month
Upto 250 chars per convertUpto 3,000 chars per convertUpto 3,000 chars per convertUpto 10,000 chars per convert
Limited converts200,000 characters/ month500,000 characters/ month1 million characters/ month
750 Default voices1000+ Default Voices1000+ Default Voices1000+ Default Voices
100+ Pro Voices (Count 10x Characters)100+ Pro Voices (Count 10x Characters)
120 languages140 languages140 languages

Natural readers

Natural Readers is one of the oldest text-to-speech platforms. Natural readers have mobile apps for Android and iPhone users. It has cloud-based solution for desktop users.

It is a simple text-to-speech not offering a studio like Murf Ai

It is offering 2 products.

  • Personal reader: Listen to anything: PDF, images or simple text
  • Commercial: Create a Voiceover for the business use case

Natural readers have a mobile app for free persona readers. Commercial licensee has better mobile sound voices along with all personal reader voices.

Here are their best voice sample


  • Monthly
  • Yearly (50% off for Small business Owners)
  • Yearly

You can start a free trial without a credit card however you can’t export any voiceover.

Monthly $99/month

  • AI Voices 6,000,000 characters/month
  • LLM Voices 300,000 characters/month
  • 5 Voice Clone

Yearly $49/month

  • AI Voices 6,000,000 characters/month
  • LLM Voices 300,000 characters/month
  • 5 Voice Clone

Crikk is offering Natural readers AI voices for free.


Speechelo is another simple text-to-speech tool. Speechelo is famous for its lifetime deal. Speechelo sounds the most robotic from the above-mentioned platforms. This is why it is listed at the last.

Here are the Speechelo voice samples

Pricing information

  • Speechelo Standard $27
  • Speechelo Pro $47/Quarterly or $127

Speechelo Pro is the add-on you can’t purchase it directly, you have to purchase Speechelo standard first.

Speechelo Standard

  • Max 700 words at once
  • 30 Voices

Speechelo Pro

  • 60 Voices
  • 2800 words at once
  • Background Music

Listnr API Alternatives

Listnr also offers text-to-speech API. However, above mentioned products don’t offer API or aren’t the best API solutions.

AWS Polly

AWS Polly is part of the AWS cloud solution. Speecelo is using AWS Polly API. Overall, Polly does not sound super realistic however it can be used as an API to integrate into your products or automate any workflow.

AWS is charging $16 per million characters. AWS is offering a free trial where you can get 5 million characters free per month for 12 months.

Polly voices can create voiceovers in 39 languages only.

Google Text to Speech

Google Cloud is also offering text-to-speech API. Google cloud is offering various types of voices. Some voices sound absolutely amazing however very expensive while others sound robotic however affordable.

Their Studio voices sound most realistic and it would cost you $160 for 1 million characters.

Journey, Neural2 voices would cost you $16 for 1 million characters. While Standard which is the most robotic voice would cost you only $4 for 1 million characters.

Overall, Google text to speech voices sound better than AWS Polly and offer more controls, more languages, and more voices.

Azure Speech Services

Azure Speech API is the most famous text-to-speech API. It is one of the most realistic and affordable text-to-speech APIs.

Azure supports 74 languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and many more

Azure offers multiple regions for famous languages such as English (USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia etc) and Spanish (USA, Spain, etc)

Azure API would cost you $15 for 1 million characters. It would cost you further less on higher usages.

Azure also offers voice clones. Overall, Azure speech is the best alternative to Listnr API.

Final Words

Overall, the best alternatives depend upon your specific requirements and budget. Crikk offers unlimited free plans and Murf AI studio offers a complete studio.

API Alternatives such as Azure offers more controls, better voices, and much more.

I hope you have got value from this article, if you think I missed an important tool then let me know by the comment section. I will be happy to add into the alternative list.

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