How To Add AI Voice To Tiktok Free

In this blog post, I will share how you can add AI voice to Tiktok videos for free. Many content creators use AI voiceover while making videos.

Tiktok has a built-in text-to-speech feature however I will also share third-party text-to-speech so you can make your videos unique.

How Do I Add AI Voice To TikTok? Step-By-Step Guides

Firstly, I will cover how you can add TikTok built-in text-to-speech voices. It is quite easy and it sounds natural as well.

  1. Open the tiktok app: Make sure you are already logged in.
  2. Record or upload your video from the gallery. Tiktok has a + button at the bottom for uploading videos.
Tiktok Upload Video
  1. Once you have selected the video or recorded it then add text from the right sidebar.
Add text
  1. Then Type the text that you want to convert into voiceover. Once typed click on done.
Type text for AI voiceover
  1. After that click on text and select text to speech. It will transform your text into a voiceover
Transform text into voiceover

You can decrease the duration to a minimum if you want to get rid of the text and want voiceover only.

There is no direct way to remove the text, otherwise, it will delete the voiceover as well.

Tiktok doesn’t let you change your voice avatar for some countries. So if you don’t see the voice avatar option then you can’t change it.

Third-party Text to Speech

There are a lot of other third party text to speech tools that sound better than Tiktok AI voiceover. These tools can great choice if tiktok doesn’t let you change the voice avatar.

While using third-party text-to-speech software means you can’t add voiceover on video using Tiktok. You would need third-party video editor tool for adding voiceover to your video.

Here are the best text-to-speech tools for Tiktok

Crikk Free & Unlimited

Crikk is the first truly free and unlimited natural-sounding tts. You can use it without even registration.

Our free version is available in 70+ languages such as English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and much more.

Every language has a unique voice. You can visit transform your text into an AI voiceover.

Crikk offers a lot more voices than Tiktok which is a better choice for Tiktok Videos AI voiceover.

Crikk has two plans free and pro. Pro users are getting multilingual voices that can speak 91 languages.

Here are the voice samples.

Free Version Voice samples

Crikk Pro Voice samples



Here are our current pricing plans

Eleven Labs

Eleven Labs is one of the most popular websites in the text to speech. Most probably you have heard Eleven Labs voices already on Tiktok videos or YouTube shorts.

Eleven labs all voices are multilingual means they can speak multiple languages. You can use Eleven Labs for free.

However, you are quite limited in their free plan. It allows up to 333 characters per voiceover.

Eleven labs is available for the web only, there is no mobile app. You can download the output as mp3 then use any video editor to add voiceover to videos that you want to share on tiktok.


FreeStarter – $5/monthCreator – $22/monthPro – $99/monthScale- $330/month
10,000 Characters per month30,000 Characters per month100,000 Characters per month500,000 Characters per month200,000 Characters per month
Clone your voice with as little as 1 minute of audioClone your voice with as little as 1 minute of audioClone your voice with as little as 1 minute of audioClone your voice with as little as 1 minute of audio
Higher quality audio via the API – 192 kbpsHigher quality audio via the API – 192 kbpsHigher quality audio via the API – 192 kbps
Usage analytics dashboardUsage analytics dashboard
Priority support


  • Better Voices
  • More Voices
  • Multilingual voices


  • Limited in Free plan
  • No Replacement for Text-to-Sing Voices


Weilbyte is offering you all the tiktok voices in a simple tool. Basically, you can create voiceover using their simple dashboard.

Just type your text, select the voiceover, and hit generate. It will create a voiceover in seconds. Weilbyte is quite useful if tiktok doesn’t allow you to change your voice avatar.

Here you can find all tiktok voices including the singing voices tool. Weilbyte is free and does not require any registration for generating voiceovers.

Weilbyte text to speech

Here are the voice samples of Weilbyte.

Final Words

Adding AI voiceover can make your video content more engaging. AI voiceovers are clear crisp, and fast as well. On the other side, recording voiceover can take some time and sometimes there is a lot of background noise.

Here are I have shared the best Tiktok AI Voiceover tools. While tiktok has its own tts however access it is tricky and some not all voice avatars are available in your area.

Text-to-speech tools such as Crikk help you produce a unique voiceover and your video stand out. Tiktok has the best voices for the English language only however other text-to-speech tools offer voices in all major languages.

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