Crikk is a mobile app that converts text into audio, enabling you to enjoy books, documents, and other reading materials in a convenient and engaging manner. 

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Crikk can read your physical books, images, documents etc. While it transforms text into audio, we also have a Book reader, that keeps highlighting words that are being spoken

So you can read and listen at the same time.

Our voices are natural sounding so you can listen continuously without getting bored.

Our Vision

We want to make reading easy for everyone. In the digital era, focusing on something for a long time is really difficult & things are moving super fast.

When you listen and read at the same time it increases your retention.

Team Behind Crikk

Hello, I am Harinderpreet Singh, the mind behind Crikk. I designed this app to aid individuals facing challenges with reading. Whether you aim to boost your reading productivity or struggling with reading, Crikk is here to assist you.